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Gujranwala never had such an awe-inspiring ambiance of breakfast option.
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Shabang a new yet another innovative addition to Food Restaurants in Gujranwala that surprisingly came up with the first time with the unique idea of English Breakfast as well as desi Breakfast. Undoubted the ambiance is awesome and the taste was better.

Shabang Menu

Shabang Gujranwala Serving 3 main type of Breakfast

  1. Halwa Puri Combo 1 where they are serving traditional Halwa Puri
  2. Halwa Puri Combo 2 where they are serving traditional Halwa Puri with Paya or Maghaz
  3. English Breakfast
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They have enriched omelette variety too.

Now, this is what Gujranwala people were looking for. Go visit the outlet and let us know your reviews about this.

Shabang Contact0310 1614444

Shabang Location : 374 B, Satellite Town Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan-52250
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Best place for breakfast in Gujranwala for freinds and famiily
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