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Raja Ranjeet Singh Haveli Gujranwala

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Ranjit Singh Birthplace (built the 18th century or earlier)

Ranjit Singh, the future leader of the Sikh Empire, was born to Mahan Singh (1756-1792) in this stately haveli on November 13, 1780. His father, was the leader of the Sukerchakia Misl, one of many small principalities that arose in Punjab as Mughal rule faltered. Of necessity, the haveli reflected the wealth and eminence of Mahan Singh’s position, and his authority to rule, though the haveli was less ostentatious than many later examples such as the Omar Hayat mahal in Chiniot or the Nau Nihal Singh haveli, built by one of Ranjit Singh’s descendants. 

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In 2012 or 2013 the ground floor portion of the haveli beneath the front porch was converted into shops for vegetable vendors. This also resulted in the destruction of the main stairway which was converted into a parking lot for two-wheeled vehicles. It is feared that further such encroachments may result in the destruction of the main building, which so far survives, though in a perilous state of neglect. 

Plan of the Ranjit Singh Haveli

Ranjit singh birthplace pla gujranwala

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