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NewsSocialProtest in Gujranwala

Protest in Gujranwala

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Protest in Gujranwala

These are from top hashtags that were promoted on the Gujranwala Protest Day by the influencers and social activists in the protest held on Sunday, __ May 2021 at Model town, main G.T.Road Gujranwala. They were full of enthusiasm and said that they will not leave Palestine alone.
We as Muslims, cannot see our brothers and sisters being killed day by day. We have to stand for them to release them.
Israel attacked Muslims worshipping the usual Friday prayer in Mosque Al Aqsa. Countless people were injured during the attack. They are helpless and alone, all by themselves.

Protest in gujranwala
Protest in Gujranwala

Besides the medical aid, they also need other Muslim forces to stand with them to succeed. Israel has not attacked Muslims but Islam. Being Muslims it is our responsibility to save humanity, to save Palestine.

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