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Gujranwala Motorway

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Gujranwala Motorway soon to be start as a Mega Project for Gujranwala City

Gujranwala motorway
Gujranwala Motorway

Gujranwala Motorway

Gujranwala is situated in the north eastern part of Punjab with an estimated 1.5 million inhabitants. Located some 70 km from Lahore, the two cities are connected by road and rail which is frequently used by people traveling back and forth between the cities.

Gujranwala motorway updates
Gujranwala Motorway 4 | GUJRANWALA

Salient Features

  • Length=43 Km
  • Proposed Design=2-Lanes Dual Carriageway
  • ROW= 126’ rural areas and 124’ in urban areas
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Bridges =08
  • Toll Plazas=02
  • New Bridges=08
  • New Culverts =73
Gujranwala motorway road
Gujranwala Motorway 5 | GUJRANWALA
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