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Gujranwala Motorway

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Gujranwala Motorway soon to be announced by Mr. Murad Saeed tentatively on 13 February 2021. The long awaited announcement for the citizen of Gujranwala that helps to reduce the traveling time and connectivity with major cities.

Chairman GDA Ali Ashraf Mughal and Gujranwala Chamber Persident Mr Omar Ashraf Mughal who also are owner to Super Asia Gujranwala are credited formost for this possibility. After the completion of GUjranwala motorway, travelling to other cities from Gujranwala and to Gujranwala will be less time consuimg, traffic flow within the city will be overcomed alot and Gujranwala economic condition will get better.

Gujranwala motorway updates
Gujranwala Motorway 2 | GUJRANWALA

Location of Gujranwala MotorWay

It is said that Gujranwala Motorway will start just 3km from Chanda Qilla (Benazir road) Before Amena Abad.

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More news about Gujranwala Motorway will be shared as it happened.

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