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Breakfast in Gujranwala


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A city; full of Food lovers often called Meat Paradise. Gujranwala People love to eat food especially all the DESI Food. Imagine what could be the best Breakfast option in Gujranwala would be, yes you guessed right it will be a perfect Siri Paye and Magaz.

Thousands of visitors came to Gujranwala every month to have the breakfast entitled GUJRANWALA Breakfast at Abdul Ghani Amratsari located at Main City G T Road Gujranwala before the Main City Bridge. Other options are Halwa Puri breakfast in Gujranwala but the most preference people of Gujranwala give in breakfast is eating Siri, Paye at the most famous breakfast spot in Gujranwala i.e. Haji Abdul Ghani Amritsari Siri Paye.

Often called as Ghani’s Paye or in proper as Abdul Ghani- the UNRIVALLED, IMPECCABLE, AND PIONEER OF Mutton trotters in the heart and mind of the masses. The topnotch food item served here are

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Trotters (پائے) and Maghaz (مغز)

The Food served is quantitatively less and the taste is now not the same as were in last years but ignorable to the visitors. They offer now less in quantity with higher prices in Gujranwala.

If you know Old Gujranwala Town you can have the Siri Paye from Gurnanank Pura too and the plus point is thereafter heavy breakfast you can get the best lassi from Yadgar Chatti Di Lasi which is yet another famous to do in breakfast.

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