GeneralBest Top 5 Restaurants in Gujranwala in 2021

Best Top 5 Restaurants in Gujranwala in 2021

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Best Top 5 Restaurants in Gujranwala in 2021: “GUJRANWALA PEHALWANON KA SHEHAR” is a phrase you may have listened too many times. This is rightly said, as this city is not only famous for its historical backdrop and Pehlwans but it has also been recognized for popular restaurants and specialty food items. Gujranwala’s love for food can never be melted down.

They highly prefer to go out and meet up in the restaurants in daily routine, on the occasions of festivals (i.e. EID), on the weekends, or for the birthday celebrations. Their fully intense love for the outing and meet and greet attitude became the reason for the opening of many highly-paid restaurants throughout the existence of Gujranwala.

The list of the Best Top 5 Restaurants of GUJRANWALA in 2021 is long – top 5 restaurants are discussed here.

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1- Mughal Mahal Hotel Gujranwala

Mughal mahal hotel gujranwala best top 5 restaurants of gujranwala in 2021
Best Top 5 Restaurants in Gujranwala in 2021 2 | GUJRANWALA

Mughal Mahal Hotel will surprise you with its central location, magnificent lobby, the friendly and professional service you’ll experience. At Mughal Mahal Hotel you’ll be welcomed by smiling faces and cheerful greetings.

Every associate, whether a Housekeeper, Front military officer, Waiter, or Engineer will please you with kindness, smiles, and good service.

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The hotel is devoted to you, our guest, by demonstrating our policy of 100% Guest Satisfaction and consistently improving our services and amenities. Dining-out in Gujranwala has never been an equivalent since we opened our first restaurant way back in 2013.

Mughal Mahal Hotel is offering every specialty cuisine imaginable from Mughlai, Chinese, Thai, Continental, B.B.Q, and anything in between. However, it’s a source of pride for us that during this time span.

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No Hotel has come anywhere on the brink of offering the type of excellence in a dining experience in ambiance, food quality, and impeccable service that our Hotel has become a byword.

Every member of the Mughal Mahal Hotel team, from the people that cook to those who clean, from the people that serve to those who manage, is devoted to our slogan of “Experience Royalty” to making sure guests are always treated like royalty.

2- Chahaar Baagh Gujranwala

Chahar baagh gujranwala gujranwala
Best Top 5 Restaurants in Gujranwala in 2021 3 | GUJRANWALA

Chahar Baagh hotel is situated on the west end of Fazal Center‘s main GT road. The parking is adequate. The ambience is exemplary. The biggest attraction is their Hi tea which is actually lunch cum tea.

A large variety of Chinese and Pakistani food is there on the buffet at a very reasonable rate. You can order on your own also.

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