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the 5th largest city of Pakistan

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a city full of potential hard-workers entitled as City of Wrestlers is the fifth largest city of Pakistan. Gujranwala City manufacture alot of products that are consumed around the globe. This Website aim to represent all the native manufactures of Gujranwala City.


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1000’s of Industries are working in Gujranwala remain unexplored, We at aims to represent our Industry around the Globe.
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We aim to proved enriched public information to our visitors where they can access phone number and contact details about food spots, hospitals and schools

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Sayyam Mughal

Sayyam Mughal


there is alot of potential in our city which remains unexplored.


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this website helped our business Craftco and we gained attractive buyers and recognizance on Online presence.

Rao Umar

Rao Umar


to showcase my product on Made in Gujranwala sort of Web project is really an better prospective to represent my city to another level

Abdul Rahman Mughal

Abdul Rahman Mughal

Javaid Industrial Company